PACIS vision / mission / values
  Supporting our IPA providers

PACIS is dedicated to supporting our physician partners in achieving a meaningfully connected healthcare community allowing them to excel in the healing arts.


PACIS is committed to add value to our IPA community by helping with health IT solutions, technology infrastructure, and collaborative services that optimize practice operations and contribute to their successful delivery of efficient and high quality health care.


Our core values

  • Accountability – We have input into the decision-making process and are therefore responsible for our results.
  • Collaborative teamwork – We strive to work cooperatively with people to achieve our common goals and our vision.
  • The common good – We will enhance the common good by committing resources to build an organization that meets the needs of the people and communities we serve.
  • Compassionate healing – We will be patient-centered and serve our patients as we would guests in our own home.
  • Dignity – We respect the inherent value and worth of every life we touch.
  • Excellence – We will always strive for the highest quality outcomes and service to our patients and customers.
  • Leadership – The way we conduct business and serve our customers will be the standard by which other healthcare systems are judged. All of our staff will ensure that quality patient care is at the heart of all our business decisions.
  • Physician leadership – Physicians will maintain leadership roles in our organization.
  • Stewardship – We all share responsibility for the organization’s resources.
  • Integrity – We conduct ourselves with the highest ethics and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Learning – We continually improve our systems, our service, and ourselves through learning.


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